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Why Wound CAre doc?

The use of amniotic membrane in the management of chronic wounds is an exciting new development which provides another option for wounds that fail to heal using traditional wound therapies and dressings.

physician talking with a patient

What type of wound can be treated?

Traditionally, amniotic membrane has been used on burns; today, however, amniotic membrane can be used on a wide variety of wounds. It is important to note that amniotic membrane should be used only after conservative treatment has failed. In other words, amniotic membrane may be used for wounds that are chronic and non-healing.

What are the requirements?

You must be a Medicare Recipient.

Prior 30 day conservative treatment resulting in less than 50% closure of the wound.

physician examing a patients foot
nurse talking with patient

how does this work?

An Amniotic Membrane has a number of characteristics that make it especially suited to wound healing.


The Amniotic Membrane:

  • Contains a significant number of cytokines and essential growth factors

  • Reduces pain when applied to a wound

  • Increases and enhances the wound healing process

  • Has antibacterial properties

  • Is non-immunogenic (will not be seen as foreign material)

  • Provides a biological barrier

  • Provides a matrix for migration and proliferation of cells

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Reduces scar tissue formation


What is the treatment process?

  • A thorough initial assessment of the wound is necessary, as is a medical history check.

  • Assessment of circulatory status, nutrition and other potential barriers to healing.

  • Debridement - removal of damaged tissue or foreign objects from wound. 

  • Amniotic membrane is supplied in a sterile container and applied to the wound with no need for sutures.

  • A secondary dressing will be applied for additional protection.

  • After 5-7 days the amniotic membrane allograft will be incorporated into the wound.


This amnionic membrane treatment will be repeated weekly until the wound has healed and closed (typically 5-7 weeks).


bandage being applied to a patients skin
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